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Welcome to Captivating Natalie Dormer your source dedicated for British Actress Natalie Dormer. Natalie is best known for her role as Anne Boleyn in Showtime's The Tudors but you also may recognise her from Casanova, Flawless and her current role in Game of Thrones as Margarey Tyrell. Check back daily for all the latest news, photos and info!

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Apr 13, 17   Mel   2 Comments Site

Hi all, Many of you would know Captivating from when it was at the url  I made a choice last year to close all my fansites as I was too much online and not outside interacting with other people.  I don’t regret the decision as it taught me alot about myself and taught me […]

May 31, 16   Mel   0 Comment Site

As you can see we have three new gorgeous layouts up on the main site, photo gallery and media archive.  All three are made by my dear friend Claudia at Never Enough Design.  She has done an amazing job and Natalie looks so stunning in these photos!  Please take a look at them and sound […]

Oct 05, 15   Mel   0 Comment Site

Hello everyone, I appologise for my long absence from the site. I have been going through alot of changes in my personal life and running my sites was the last thing on my mind. I won’t make any promises as to when the site will be back up-to-date but know that is my ultimate wish […]

Jun 22, 13   Mel   1 Comment Site

As you can all see I have put up a new layout for the site and a gallery theme will follow soon.  I made the layout and I am really proud of it, the photos of this theme will be on the site soon, I need to catch the site up.  Anyway hope you all […]

May 27, 12   Mel   0 Comment Site, Video Archive

First off I’m very sorry the site is lagging on updates, been a tad bit busy.  But I am working on getting us up-to-date again.  Secondly, we have a new layout at our Media Archive which was designed also by Nowhere Land9.  I also moved the archive from vshare to wordpress media, I find the […]

Apr 11, 12   Mel   0 Comment Site

After a long time of running the first layout for the site I thought it was time for a change.  This current layout was made by the lovely Nicole at Nowhereland9 Design.  She did an absolutely fantastic job wouldn’t you agree.  She also made us a WordPress Media Center layout, and I will debut that […]

Nov 07, 11   Mel   0 Comment Site

Hi everyone, I had to step away from all my sites for awhile, in late August I very unexpectedly lost my Grandma, who I was very close too, so naturally it’s been a touch few months, but to add to it, I feel very behind at uni and was having a very hard time coping, […]

Sep 07, 11   Mel   3 Comments Site

So I have almost got all the pages back up, all that’s left is online and some pages in site.  Google cache was very useful because I wasn’t able to get a copy of the site from, but thankfully google cache had cached some of my pages, which was very helpful because I had […]

Aug 31, 11   Mel   0 Comment Site, Video Archive

Welcome back to the site.  As you all may have noticed Captivating Natalie Dormer was down and this was due to my hosts server having hard drive failure which resulted in the wiping of the site.  But no need to panic I have all the images I uploaded on my external hard drive and in […]